Finding Bigfoot Season 9

Finding Bigfoot Season 9 Release Date


Finding Bigfoot (Season 9, release date – May 31, 2016) – it is a fascinating television series about adventures of unusual team. Join to an enthusiastic and eccentric party for catching Bigfoot (BFRO), whose purpose is to search for the elusive shaggy creatures, also known as the yeti or bigfoot. They drive across America from a small town in the south to the dark corners of Alaska.

President of BFRO Matt Moneybag and his team – a former administrator Bobo tour, natural science teacher and scholar Cliff skeptic Raney – are looking for proof that Bigfoot really exists and lives in the United States of America. They analyze the photos and video, talk to local witnesses, using new technologies and attract a mysterious creature using semolina of Bobo. The team found amazing evidence of the existence of a mysterious beast. Will Matt and his intrepid friends find a mysterious Bigfoot, which for centuries managed to avoid the pitfalls and the image is so long excited the imagination of people?


The Main roles of this fascinating TV series are played by:

  • Ken Scott
  • Cliff Barackman
  • Matt Moneymaker
  • Jonathan Hanrahan
  • James Fay
  • Ranae Holland
  • Kant Lyle
  • Stacy Brown Jr.
  • Craig Woolheater
  • Bill Bridges


Each of us has heard stories of the terrible creature called Bigfoot (Sasquatch). There are made a film and written a book about him. So is there a Yeti? Learn the answer to this question will help us television show "Finding Bigfoot" in the Discovery Channel. The professional team of dedicated fans went to America to prove to the world that Bigfoot exists. They will wander through the various places where people rarely, to overcome various difficulties and setbacks, to find traces of the elusive legend. Can they do it?

For example, once the command was sent to a small fishing town on Prince of Wales Island near the coast of Alaska, where more than one generation of local people told chilling stories about the meeting with the snow man. Recently seen it again and it instilled fear in the hearts of the inhabitants of the island. The mayor of a small town Haydeburg appealed to the Matt Moneymaker and his team with a request to understand what is happening with the hope that they will find the answer.


Producers of the show has not yet decided whether it would be continued and whether the fans will see the adventures of favorite characters in the 10 season.

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