Fear the Walking Dead Season 3

Main Info

From Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson, the series is a prequel to the highly popular story about the zombie apocalypse. The horror drama consists of two installments so far, the third one is expected to appear next year. The renewal is already a confirmed matter while Fear the Walking Dead season 3 release date remains to be defined.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 date release

The entire range of studios is connected to the production of this project involving such ones as Skybound Entertainment, AMC Studios, Circle of Confusion, and Valhalla Entertainment. The performance crew is led by:

  • Frank Dillane,
  • Kim Dickens,
  • Mersedes Mason,
  • Cliff Curtis,
  • Colman Domingo and some others.

The first six episodes were launched in 2015 while the second season premiere was arranged again on the AMC channel in April 2016.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3

Plot Summary

This series differs from The Walking Dead in various aspects. For instance, here the developers were set to show in what way the world would look like if being transformed into that depicted in the original story.

The action is set in Los Angeles, while the main characters are Madison Clark, Travis Manawa, Alicia, and Nick. They come to the understanding that zombies are real creatures that want to get control over the world of humans.

Ratings and Opinions

Fear the Walking Dead has turned to become quite popular. The first season premiere has been noted for about 7 million watchers. Nevertheless, the decline took place when the second release was arranged. The latest season kept garnering about 3 million watchers per each new episode. This will not be taken as a reason for cancellation. The series sees the bright future ahead of it.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3

Current Status

Fortunately, the developers do not try our patience and renew the serial with regular intervals making us sure of the future releases. As for now, the series is revived for the third installment. This cannot but please all of us, the fan base of The Walking Dead franchise.

The next launch is already scheduled for next year. Surely, it should be spring. The new season air date can be, thus, near in coming. Stay tuned for news in order not to miss the next season release date, as well as other details regarding, for instance, the narrative and cast changes!

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