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Fauda Season 2 Release Date


Fauda is a political thriller serial, which was created in Israel. The season premiere of it was on December in the year of 2016. And if you are interested in the continuation of the Story, it is already available for everyone. The Fauda 2 Season release date is the 13th of December in the year of 2016.


While watching this serial you will meet a lot of talented people in the cast. Some of them are Main, but the others are recurrent. In order to present only the Main information, you must take into account, that here the following people will appear very often:

  • Lior Raz.
  • Hisham Suliman.
  • Shadi Mari.
  • Laetitia Eido.
  • Itzik Cohen.
  • Yuval Segal.
  • Neta Garty.

The director of the serial is Assaf Bernstein. The producers are Liat Benasuly, David Betzer, Maria Feldman. The editors are Danny Rafic and Omri Zalmona.


In the first episodes of the serial, you will see Doron, who is a commander of an undercover Israeli Army. He always took the special units in order to catch the Hamas terrorist and activist by the name of Abu-Ahmed. This Story is depicted from several sizes and here you will see Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which treats the motivations in order to get the respect of one or another deal. They are always delving deep and the ongoing battle will never stop.

As you can imagine, war is a real shock and a great problem for people. Everything in the place can be ruined and lots of people can be killed. And it is not easy to stop the conflict like this, so people must take into account different information, which is concerned with it.


The Israel thriller will amaze people, who prefer to watch the serials of such genres. Here all the problems will be presented, and, as you can understand, if the people will come to the one decision, that will help them to get the world peace and all the awful and frightening situations will finish.

The running time of the new episode is 45 minutes and that period of time will be enough for you to enjoy this cinema masterpiece.

When the season air date is an important information, the data in this article will satisfy you. 

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