Father Brown Season 5 Release Date

Father Brown Season 5 Release Date


Father Brown is a classic British Story from the BBC television on chaplain, Father Brown, who sometimes do not curious to measure, but it has a sharp mind, analytical skills and ability to understand another person. Father Brown stands for the Main character being a lover of good old mysteries and puzzles to reveal a lot of crimes that occur in a small English town.

Father Brown season 5 release date has been scheduled by BBC for the beginning of 2017, probably January. However, there is no news about Father Brown season 5 release date on DVD and Bluray.


In Father Brown season 5 the Main role of a Catholic priest/detective is played by the amateur actor Mark Williams. In addition to this great actor you can see such cast – Hugo Speer, Nancy Carroll, John Light. Father Brown Season 5 release is written by the same scriptwriters  Rachel Flowerday and Tahsin Guner.


Father Brown is a priest, who lives in one of the small towns of England. Among his parishioners there are representatives of the nobility, a lot of couples and, of course, interesting gossips. All of them come to the priest with questions, for advice, for help, and just talk and entertain the local priest with something tasty. Dislikes Father Brown only investigator – too often this insatiable chaplain "underfoot" hinders the investigation. But, even a minister about to admit that the priest with his thoughtfulness, thirst for puzzles and the ability to collect and analyze information reveals a lot of murders taking place in this, at first glance, a quiet place.

Interesting Facts

  • Father Brown is based on the same titled character from Gilbert Chesterton’s books;
  • The character Father Brown was a prototype – the real-life priest, John O’Connor, thanks to which Chesterton became a Catholic;

Father Brown season 5 release is not a literal adaptation of Chesterton’s stories, but rather a series on the grounds. After all, the Main character is not the big guy, who is described in Chesterton’s books and things are moving only in the evergreen English town, while in the stories of Chesterton his hero travels around the world. And crimes that investigates Father Brown, and motives of these crimes are often very modern compared to books.

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