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The great news is coming for the admirers of the detective story under the title “Father Brown”. The thing is that it is officially declared that the fifth chapter is going to be released.

Short review

Father Brown stands for a British series showed on BBC One. The series has a genre that presents great interest for the viewers: that is a detective story with witty fun coming from the characters. The main character stems from the same-named hero depicted in Chesterton’s stories. However, the immediate plotlines have practically nothing in common with the ones told in the masterpiece. Thus, the plot is mainly produced by the scriptwriters of the series turning to be primarily original.
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The series is created by Rachel Flowerday in a successful collaboration with Tahsin Guner. An executive producing team includes Will Trotter and John Yorke.

Justice and law: what is better?

There are two principal heroes in the story: a gentle-tempered priest Father Brown and a local inspector of the police named Valentine. They are connected with each other in the one goal: to find out those who are to blame for crimes committed in their countryside. However, they present the opposite sides of the point judging the criminals: Father Brown stands for morality and justice and the inspector is for the law to be the main point for punishment. Sometimes, Inspector Valentine is dissatisfied with Father Brown giving a piece of moralization to the case. Father Brown is famous for his love for people. His approach of investigation is considered to be humanistic. This presents a reason for the priest being so charming for the audience. The given feature helps him to analyze him the on-goings connected with a certain crime more scrupulously than the inspector does it.
Very often it also turns out that the investigation of the officer gets a wrong course. Without the priest giving him a helping hand in the search for the criminal, the inspector could not add the clearance to the cases, because Father Brown possesses a unique ability to penetrate into the situation switching on his acute intelligence.
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The time of action in the multipart detective film is reckoned to be the 1950s. It proves the fact that the immediate plot of the series doesn’t come from the original Chesterton stories. The on-goings in the author’s stories took place by the way in the 1910s in London.

Are we to be filled with joy from the new season?

What is the reason for the series being so popular? There is a simple answer to this question. It is for the charming characters of the story and for plain old fun and relaxed viewing. The ratings of the series are on the high level indeed.
In order not to let such success go up in smoke, the developers made up their minds to keep producing the series. The Father Brown season 5 release date remains, however, still unknown. The official resources tell that the series is to be broadcast in the beginning of 2017.


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