Father Brown. The Mask of the Demon Release Date


Father Brown is the story, that consist of 4 seasons. Each of them is rather interesting and exciting. Now we will show you the information about the latest season, which has the title “The Mask of the Demon”.


In this serial you can see a lot of talented actors, who play their roles at the professional level. Here you can see Molly Hanson in the role of Paulette Swain, Jonathan Firth as Rex Bishop, Deirdre Mullins as Bebe Fontaine. Also here plays talented David Schofield in the role of Vivian Wolsey, Sorcha Cusack as Mrs McCarthy and Mark Williams as Father Brown. And, of course, you mustn’t forget about Nancy Carroll in the role of Lady Felicia and William Ellis as Billy Neville. The last three actors are Alex Price in the role of Sid Carter, Jack Deam as Inspector Mallory and John Burton in the role of Sgt Goodfellow. The director of the film is Paul Gibson and the writers are G.K. Chesterton and Rachel Flowerday.


The film “Father Brown” investigates the murder of movie director. The events took place in the city of Kembleford. Here is a film with the name “The Demon Brides”, where the main hero is coming to a small village. In the next episode two people appear. They are Lady Felicia`s and Rex Bishop. Also here appeared two warring ladies by the names of Bebe Fontaine and Paulette Swain. The story started to be very exciting, but then appeared the murder of director Vivian Wolsey. He had a reluctant cast. His general duty was to make contracts with new people. Also he was a voyeur and he gave Father Brown the clue, with help of which he was killed.


To understand, that this is perfect serial to watch, you must pay attention to the several interesting facts. The country, where it was shown, is UK. The language is English. As for release date, we can say that it is 4th January 2016. One series last for 45 minutes and it is very comfortable for lots of people.

Also you must pay attention to those facts:

  • The idea of make such movie was firstly proposed after the second world war ends. But only now it has a great success and prosperity.
  • The style of episode “The Mask of the Demon” is very close to the Italian movie. It is also known for people, who had seen “Black Sunday”.
  • The location of the scenes is National Trust`s Coughton Court. That is a country, which is located in Warwickshire.

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