Fargo Season 3 Release Date

Fargo Season 3 Release Date


The fans of the TV franchise and anthology Fargo should be glad – the show will definitely return for the third season.

Fargo season 3 release date was scheduled by FX in the very beginning of 2017. There is no news about Fargo season 3 release date on Bluray and DVD – probably it will happen in the Q2 of 2017.


Ewan McGregor will play two twin brothers in the upcoming Fargo season 3 episode 1. As for the other cast, there is some news that Noah Hawley will also join the cast as the showrunner. Since the details about the plot are not disclosed, we should wait for the confirmation about the cast.


Fargo season 1 episode 1 featured its origins from the fake provincial town in Minnesota. The protagonist of the first season Lester was an unlucky man, he works one of the local insurance companies, has lived half his life without any enthusiasm.

And in the recent full blockage of Leicester lose customers, even those who come to it themselves for insurance. He has very little money, for which his wife despises. He has a brother, Chaz, although it is under a few years, but also considers to be a loser.

One day, Lester directed to meet his old friend classmate Sam Hess, who owns a large company engaged in transportation. But even there, our hero managed to get a thrashing, and then was taken to hospital with bruises and a broken nose.

On the hospital bed the action begins to unfold far more intriguing, he met with Lorne. Lester told his new friend all your life, and how he daily experiences various inconveniences and humiliation, and the fact that it beat Sam as before did it at school, at that Lorne advised him just to kill Sam and all his attackers in the including.

Lester by what he heard was a little uncomfortable, and he decided as soon as possible to get rid of a society with Lorne. But new friend decides to aggressively change the life of the Main character, and then start to happen mysterious abduction and murder.

There is no news about the third season’s plot. However, it will surely impress the audience just like the second season did.

Interesting Facts

  • The only known fact about the plot of Fargo season 3 premiere is that the events will happen in 2010, 4 years after the events of the first season, though the stories won’t be connected;
  • Elegant setting, fascinating and breaking ending, great style and interesting characters – everything will return in the third season;
  • Studio 26 Keys Productions and the channel FX started shooting the third season immediately after the premiere of the second, so it is not necessary to wait for the long time.

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