Family Guy Season 16

Family Guy Season 16 Release Date


Family Guy is an animated situation comedy, which was created in America. Here a great role plays Fox Broadcasting and Seth MacFarlane. That serial is made only for adults. Now the big amount of fans will have an opportunity to watch it.


In such serial you wouldn’t see any famous person. But the people who voice the serial are the real professional of such deal. So, the cast to that animated sitcom will include the next people:

  • Seth Green and Seth MacFarlane.
  • Mila Kunis and Alex Borstein.
  • Danni Smith and Mike Henry.
  • Patrick John Viener.
  • Alec Sulkin and Ralph Garman.
  • Chris Cox and Adam West.
  • Rachel MacFarlane and Lori Alan.
  • Fred Tatasciore and Alexandra Breckenbridge.
  • Jennifer Tilly and Phil LaMarr.
  • Gary Cole and Mark Hentermann.
  • Steve Callaghan and Wally Wingert.
  • Nicole Sullivan and Chris Sheridan.
  • Christine Lakin and Patrick Meighan.
  • Tara Strong and Carrie Fisher.
  • Mae Whitman and Max Burkholder.
  • Emily Osment and Wellesley Wild.

But you must pay attention, that it is not the whole cast. The Story is created by Seth MacFarlane and developed by David Zuckerman. Walter Murphy is in the role of music composer. But the Main composers are Ron Jones and Walter Murphy. The executive producers are David Zukerman, Seth MacFarlane, Chris Sheridan, Daniel Palladino, David Goodman, Wellesley Wild, Steve Callaghan. Among the producers we must name Shannon Smith, Julius Sharpe, Kara Vallow.


Such a reality situation comedy will show you the most Interesting and exciting actions of Griffin family. Here the father Griffin is in the center of attention, who is a blue-collar worker. He is married and his wife is really beautiful woman. Her name is Louis and she is perfect teacher and great mother.

They have two children – daughter Meg and son Chris. Meg is a typical teenager and very often she ignores the advices of her parents. As for the Chis, here we must say, that he is also a teenager, who have an extra weight. But he is rather polite and Interesting person, then Meg.

Here you will see, what is the life of the Main characters. But we must also mention, that here will appear a big amount of other people. Here you will see, what are their relationships.


The Family Guy 16 Season release date is the 20th of October in the year of 2016. Each episode of such show will amaze you. To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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