Family Guy 13 Season Release Date Premiere 2014

Family Guy 13 season release date
Family Guy 13 season release date is confirmed. If there is a cartoon series that is able to compete in the popularity rating with legendary Simpsons it is hilarious Family Guy that was renewed for the 13th season.
Storylines of both series are similar, btw, as the idea implicit in them – make fun at human prejudices and everyday problems of American society. And that is was the required success formula to achieve popularity worldwide.

Family Guy 13 season release date is announced

Family Guy shows a fictional average American family, in which there are both protagonists and antagonists. Each of them can be as an example of a positive image and vice versa. The popular animated family consists of 6 members: Peter – the head of the family, Lois – his wife, children, Chris, Meg and Stewie, and the smart dog named Brian. Though the dog is depicted on equal terms with the whole family it decides to everyday issues, which are often very head of the family cannot solve.

Family Guy 13 season release date is scheduled on September 2014.
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