The Fall Season 4

General Summary

The Fall is a criminal series by Fables Limited, Artists Studio, and BBC Northern Ireland. Three installments have seen the light of day, as for now, on the BBC Two channel. The latest season premiered on September 29, 2016. The fourth one is waiting for its time next year. Surely, it is still early for defining The Fall season 4 release date due to the recent debut.

Allan Cubitt is a person whom we should thank for this story. He serves also as an executive together with Patrick Irwin, Justin Thomson-Glover, Stephen Wright, and Gillian Anderson. The latter one is a performer of the lead female role. Here is the list of some other principal members of the acting cast:

  • Jamie Dornan,
  • Aisling Franciosi,
  • John Lynch,
  • Stuart Graham,
  • Niamh McGrady and some others.

The Fall Season 4 date release


Criminal drama is not a rare on TV but more and more of them keep appearing each year. In May 2013, one of them called The Fall was launched on BBC Two. What differs it from others?

At the center of the story, there is an investigator serving as a police officer. Once she turns to be sent to Belfast to start exploring a range of murderers of young ladies.

Arriving and beginning her work, Stella Gibson understands just immediately that these cases are connected closely to each other and there is essence in searching for a serial killer. She should cooperate with local investigators in order to find everything out.
The Fall Season 4

Positively Accepted

According to fresh rating numbers, the story keeps getting traction. On Metacritic, the score equals 85 out of 100. Rotten Tomatoes proposes perfect 100%. When it comes down to the viewership, we are destined to say that it is on the level of 3.5 million people per each new episode. The previous part was peculiar for the same audience, on a side note.

Reviews are more than just favorable. Watchers, gasping for breath, follow each new anticipated part and there is nothing left but to keep producing the criminal show. Multiple awards won and nominations are added to the collection of the series’ achievements.
The Fall Season 4

Concerning the Fourth Season Premiere

Will the next season air date be exposed in the upcoming year? According to some rumors, the third season can be the final one. But these are only rumors. The official announcement of the cancellation has not been made. Moreover, Anderson has said that she is intended to create the fourth installment in 2017. Well, we may just hope for the best now. The new season release date is a long shot, by no means. Stay tuned for the revival!

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