Extreme Weight Loss season 6

Extreme Weight Loss season 6 Release Date

ABC channel is to decide on the next Extreme Weight Loss 6 season release date. 

Are you a fan of Extreme Weight Loss? It’s not only juicy when you have a chance to delve into one’s secrets, it can be also helpful to get motivation or start changing your life. Season 6 is to be discussed today, don’t skip all the hot scoops and season air date which is to be announced by ABC. Read this article and be the first to learn more. 

Having the coaches and psychotherapists by the most famous and sexy Chris and Heidi Powell this reality requires special charm. A new episode of 5 season came on 26 May last year and was broadcasted by ABC channel. The professional coaches guide these people helping them to get stronger, to learn to listen to their bodies and eat proper food keeping nice but healthy diets. Each episode embraces the life of one person and shows his or her changes during one year. At the end they gain self-confidence and win a small price involving a plastic surgery to get rid of any extra skin.

Why is a new season premiere worth waiting for?

Imagine, some volunteers have extra weight and only one year to impress their friends, families and you. This is American scandal reality show Extreme Weight Loss where people are losing weight and changing their lives before your eyes. This television series is some kind of a remake on Extreme Makeover, but it’s mostly focused on getting slimmer.


The series’s rating on IMDb is pretty fine and counts 5.9 points. The audience is also a large one, though it suffered a small reduction last year. Still 2.7 million fans is a great number. 

The future of the show is still unknown, but it can be supposed that directors will certainly decide to continue it. So, wait for another season where a brilliant cast will provide you with useful peaces of advice. Are you ready to get your motivation back? 

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