Explorer Season 10


Explorer is a documental TV serial, which was firstly aired on National Geographic. The season premiere was on 2004 and all this time people have an opportunity to enjoy the cinema masterpiece. But now we want to talk about the 10th season of the serial. The Explorer 10 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


The cast of the actors to this serial will be really unusual. Here in the center a lot of people with great skills appeared and among them we want to name:

  • Richard Bacon.
  • Tim Samuels.
  • Brian Christy.
  • Billie Mintz.
  • Bill Nye.
  • Ryan Duffy.
  • Jena Friedman.

Explorer Season 10 date release

The directors of the serial are Paul Pennolino, Tony Gerber, Christopher Cassel, J.J. Kelley, Phillip Boag. The producers are Tracey Cole, Christine Fall, Laura Hill, Nick McKinney, Tim Pastore, Madeleine Smithberg, Lou Wallach, Jared Lipworth, Diane Fitzgerald, Tamara Lodge, Melissa Wood, Matt Hill, Ekin Calisir, Andy Fram.
Explorer Season 10


This serial was shown on National Geographic and it is very interesting to watch and enjoy. We can say, that it is a news-style journal, which will present only the best and the unforgettable events. In the new season you will see a lot of documental segments – here the viewers will know more about the world because the remotest corners will be shown here and introduced in an extraordinary manner.

In the current season, you will often see Richard Bacon, who will have an interview with Erin Brockovitch and Larry Willmore. In the second episode, you will see a librarian Timbuktu, who try to find out ancient manuscripts and hide them from dangerous terrorists.
Explorer Season 10


If you want to find out something new or the world segments are so interesting for you, here you must pay attention to the new season of the serial. The new episode will be unforgettable and unbelievable, so people, who will watch it, will be very happy and satisfied with the getting result.

Try to find a time to watch this and you will become the more interesting person to communicate with.

The season air date can be shown, when there is a necessity to underline the peculiarities of one or another serial.

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