Explorer Season 10

Explorer Season 10 Release Date


Explorer is a TV serial with the documental background. It was firstly aired on National Geographic. The season premiere was on 2004, but now you must be ready for the 10th season of alluring serial. The Explorer 10 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


You must know, that the cast of Actors in this serial is rather unique. So, in the center of attention, a lot of people will appear and we can present them in such a manner:

  • Ryan Duffy.
  • Jena Friedman.
  • David Gessner.
  • Inigo Gilmore.
  • Neil Shea.
  • Baratunde Thurston.
  • George Dante.

The directors are Paul Pennolino, Christopher Cassel, Tony Gerber, J.J. Kelley, Phillip Boag. Among the producers, we must underline Tracey Cole, Laura Hill, Christine Fall, Nick McKinney, Madeleine Smithberg, Tim Pastore, Lou Wallach, Jared Lipworth, Tamara Lodge, Melissa Wood, Diane Fitzgerald, Matt Hill, Ekin Calisir, Andy Fram.


In this amazing serial, you will see the beauties of the world and they will amaze you at all. It is so easy to watch it and to enjoy each moment of this serial. Besides, we must pay your attention, that this serial is presented in the news-format, so each of the events will be unexpected for the audience.

The new episode will bring documental segments – here all the viewers will have an opportunity to find the most remote places of the world and all these corners will be presented here in a very extraordinary manner.

The Main character of the current season is Richard Bacon. He will present you all the new information. But also you will see such people, as Larry Willmore and Erin Brockovitch. Together they try to find ancient manuscripts and their Main aim is to hide them from the terrorists.


If your aim is to watch something new and to enjoy it at all, this serial will be the best idea. People, who are presented here, are the real professionals, so that’s why each episode is so easy to watch and enjoy. Just find a free time for it and the result will satisfy you at all.

When we want to underline the season air date, it will be great, if we will use the information, which is given in this article.

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