Ex on the Beach Season 6

Ex on the Beach Season 6 Release Date


On MTV UK Channel Ex on the Beach Season, 6 started to launch.

Ex on the Beach is a reality TV season premiere, which was announced in the February in the year of 2014. Here you will see eight single women and eight single men, who are able to spend the summer in paradise. Each person is hoping to find the love of his life.


Here in this reality, you wouldn’t have an opportunity to see the professional actors. Among the cast appear ordinary people, who want to change their lives. But the producer wanted to make the show more excited, so he decided to invite some famous people, who will listen to every character and try to give a good advice. So, here you can see:

  • Chloe Goodman.
  • Megan McKenna.
  • Stephen Bear.

The show was created by MTV International.


As we had mentioned earlier, the main idea of the serial is to put different people on the show and watch their behavior. Each season you will see the new contestants. Among them, you will notice 8 women and 8 men. Each person thinks that he or she is the best, so it would be rather hard for them to find the second part.

Different features of character can combine a couple of people. But, in that show, you will see, how dangerous it can be. Every woman and men in the first days will see the behavior of one or another person and then they must make a decision, which will help to understand, who will have the best match. If there would be a real love in the show, they will get a big amount of money, which will help them to organize an amazing wedding and honeymoon.

The only one condition for that show is to have no wife or husband. And every time people wouldn’t even imagine, who will get the happiness in this project.

It isn’t affordable to make a false relationship because the price wouldn’t be given to such a couple. Besides, so big amount of time will show, who will be the destiny of one or another man or a woman.


If you have difficulties in love relations, that serial was made especially for you. Here you will have an opportunity to see the behavior of people, who didn’t know, what they must do. This show is made for adults only, so you must be attentive.

The running time of one new episode is about 60 minutes. The Ex on the Beach 6 Season release date is the 4th of November this year. We can also use it when we talk about season air date.

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