Eve Season 3

Eve is a sci-fi drama by British production that is broadcasted on CBBC. Currently, it is on the bubble with the third season left as undetermined. So the future of the project is so far unknown but let’s hope for the best and keep abreast of the situation.

General info

Eve is a sci-fi drama that is concentrating on depicting the first ever robot on our planet whose appearance and behavior remind fully the human one.
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The series is critically acclaimed created by the British companies called Argonon and Leopard Drama. The broadcast is held on the CBBC channel in the UK.
As for the concrete personalities who are the spearheads of the project, here we cannot but name David Chikwe, the developer; Emma Reeves, the scriptwriter; as well as Adrian McDonwall, Jonathan Fox Bassett and Adrian Mead serving as directors here.
The acting cast of the series comes to be composed of Ben Cartwright, Oliver Woollford, Poppy Lee Friar, Eubha Akilade, and others.
The first release was held in January 2015. The second season was released half a year ago specifically in January 2016. The third chapter can appear, consequently, already, at the start of the next year. The current amount of episodes constitutes twenty-six with the duration of each comprising thirty minutes.

Storyline summary

The series is a dramedy for teenagers with Eve being a central character. So, who is this Eve? It is a robot who doesn’t only look human but acts and behaves like a real person as well.
It is a female robot hiding her identity. Nevertheless, her secret turns to be unraveled that leads to the range of subsequent events happening to this robot. We are not going to expose all details of the story in order to get you stay interested in watching this series and following the on-goings.

How was it received?

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Now let’s turn to the question of the series acceptance. The response from the audience was much positive right from the start of the program. The above-average scorings on various websites including IMDb that are garnering voices in favor of different series, shows, and movies, just add to the general mark of the story.
The serial is also nominated for a couple of awards and is notorious for critical acclaim. Such state of events can just inspire the developers to continue the project.

Renewal predictions

As the series comes to be beloved practically anyone who has watched it, the chances of the renewal are high and consequently, we should expect the release of another season, this time, number three.
The Eve season 3 release date remains so far unknown. Therefore, we should stay tuned in order to notify you about any changes in the situation with the project timely. As it is predicted, the info about the launch specifically can emerge only getting closer to the end of this upcoming fall.
That’s why we recommend staying tuned and checking back with us as any kind of info can appear at any moment now.


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