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The British channel ITV Studios officially extended its serial criminal project Endeavour. In this series Endeavour Morse dropped out and investigate the deaths occurring in Oxford. For a short time he gets a new rank of Sergeant and is the envy of his colleagues. Morse was not afraid to go to their success, and no one could block his path. This was the fact that Morse will soon become a respected person in the city and gets a lot of credibility.

Endeavour season 4 will be released in September of 2017. Currently, we should expect for Endeavour season 3 release date on Bluray and DVD.


Sean Evans, Michael Matus, John Light, Patrick Malahide and Flora Montgomery will return in Endeavour season 4 premiere.


The action takes place in the sixties, the Main character in the position of Endeavour Morse detective constable previously expelled from the University of Oxford for poor academic performance. In the town of the institution is not particularly fond of cops, local ministers considered by some narrow-minded people of the law. But the Main character came to the service of a well-read by a professional, as he loves music students, and crossword puzzles and even his tongue hung, each motivated to find something to say in retaliation. Manages local police T. Fred, he was very skeptical of the newcomer replenishment, then he instructed Morse very difficult task to find the previously missing girl who searches were unsuccessful.

Her name is Mary Tremlitt, she the daughter of one of the employees of the local automobile plant, a few weeks ago went to a familiar girlfriend to the cinema, to the evening session, he had disappeared after not returning home.

Morse is sent to the examination of witnesses, but all to no avail in the end it attracts little important fact in the room were missing costly books which describe poetry written by graduates of Oxford.

Interesting Facts

The script for Endeavour season 4 premiere will be written Russell Lewis, best known for Tales That Witness Madness and Sharpe movies with Sean Bean.

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