Endeavour season 3


Endeavour is a series of British production. It is both drama and detective. The series is about the inception of the career of Inspector Morse in the series of the same name. The pilot episode was shown in 2012, and due to its success, the series 1 was translated in 2013. The next year, the season 2 and 3 were shown in 2014 and 2016 respectively. A series 4 is currently shot. There are seventeen episodes of the show available so far.

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  • Shaun Evans, an actor,
  • James Bradshaw, an actor,
  • Anton Lesser, an actor,
  • Sara Vickers, a screen and stage actress,
  • Roger Allam, an actor of the film, TV, and radio,
  • Abigail Thaw, an actress
  • Jack Laskey, an actor,
  • Sean Rigby, an actor,
  • Caroline O’Neill, a TV and theater actress,
  • Jack Bannon, an actor,
  • Shvorne Marks, an actress,
  • Simon Kunz, an actor,
  • Dakota Blue Richards, an actress.

Endeavour season 3


Endeavour Morse is a detective working in the police. In this series, his career only begins in Oxford City. The period of actions is the late 1960s. Morse just left Lonsdale College without obtaining a degree. During some time, he worked as a cipher clerk but soon he decided to join the police. In a couple of years, the young detective found the work in the police is disappointing and decided to quit. Before he did this, he and several of his co-workers were sent to the Cowley Police Station to help in the investigation of a missing 15 old girl.

Since Morse had studied at Oxford for some time, he could use his knowledge to try to deal with the residences of Oxford. Although Morse still wanted to quit, his superior believed that Endeavour was a reliable and honest and promising detective who should not leave this current position.

As the story progresses, the detective is getting involved in the investigation of a double-murder. He starts closely work with Thursday, an Inspector. The inspectors do not like the work of some of the superiors because it makes it difficult for them to investigate. The work of Morse is pretty successful because his is able to find the right answers to difficult questions.

The friends of Endeavour want him to take a Sergeant’s exam, which will relieve him of some duties, allowing focusing on the investigation.  Because Morse was shot, his superiors placed him on light-duty.


Endeavour season 3


The series has received more than 6,500,000 viewers. The part of Dorothea has been played by Frazil Abigail Thaw, a daughter of John Thaw playing the part of Inspector Morse in the original series.

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