Elementary Season 6

Shortly About the Project

Elementary is another format for the stories about such well-known duo of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Robert Doherty spearheads the show assisted by other employees from CBS Television Studios, Hills of Beans Productions, and some others. The original debut was held in 2012. Now five cycles are at our disposal. The latest season premiere is dated back to October 2016 on the CBS channel. The sixth installment has not been confirmed so far. Elementary season 6 release date is a long shot due to the recent debut. The acting cast contains the names of such performers as:

  • Lucy Liu,
  • Jonny Lee Miller,
  • Aidan Quinn,
  • Jon Michael Hill and others.

Elementary Season 6 date release


It is not a usual wrapping of the stories penned by Arthur Conan Doyle. The characters of this TV adaptation inhabit the modern New York City. Dr. Watson is a woman here serving as a clear-headed colleague of the brilliant detective.

The settlement of Holmes in New York was preceded by his addiction trouble in London. Joan Watson used to be a surgeon with great career perspectives until she lost a patient. Now she is hired to help the main character to remain sober. In a new place, Holmes starts as a consultant of the NYPD.

As you see, this series is not a simple adaptation of the source material it branches off into additional adventures.

Elementary Season 6

Superb Ratings

What can become an object of guessing now is the way in which the new approach to depicting the classics has been accepted. With much assurance, we should notify you that the level of ratings is excellent kept throughout the four-year run.

The obvious advantages are the brilliant performance of lead actors and the well-penned script. The ideas conveyed touch the deep feelings of friendship, as they must be between people who are supposed to be friends.

Elementary Season 6

The score on IMDb equals 7.9 points out of 10 while on Rotten Tomatoes, it is almost perfect – 96%. The audience constituted more than 10 million watchers per each new episode during the initial broadcast. The latest chapter is peculiar for a decline to 6 million people. As other accolades, we should mention the awards and nominations involving such ones as a GLAAD Award, two Prism Awards, and many others.

When will the new season air date and the renewal be announced? Info about the sixth season release date cannot come out now due to the recent debut of the fifth installment. The renewal, however, can be very much closer. Stay tuned for updates!

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