Elementary: Season 4

The new perspective on the famous story about the extraordinary Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson has found its continuation in the Elementary TV series. Its season 4 will be released soon.
A Robert Dougherty crime TV series is broadcast by the US-based CBS channel. The show is an adaptation of the books’ series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Mainly because Sherlock Holmes is so well-loved by everybody since they childhood years, the show was a big success. John Lee Miller seemed to fit in well with the role of the detective with brilliant analytical skills. Dr. Watson is surprisingly played by Lucy Liu, thus the name was changed from John to Joan. The show is a breeze of fresh air into a so familiar story.
The previous season of the Elementary show was out on 30th October last year, and the season premiere gathered about 7.6 million of the CBS audience around their screens. It is worth saying that the number is big, and it usually means that the producers will want to extend the show at least by one more season.
The release date of Elementary: season 4 will be in fall 2015.
How do you like the idea of Lucy Liu playing Dr. Watson?

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