East Los High Season 5 Release date

East Los High Season 5 Release Date


East Los High (season 5 — pending) is a TV series that tells a story about the life of teenagers that study in a high school in East Los Angeles. This is the final year of their education at the school. The developer of the show is Wise Entertainment. All the students in the show are Latinos. The series debuted in 2013. Currently, there are four full seasons and the last season 4 with twelve episodes was started being broadcasted in the summer of 2016.


The main cast of the series includes:

  • Alexandra Rodriguez plays the character of Gina Barrios,
  • Gabriel Chavarria plays the character of Jacob Aguilar,
  • Vannessa Vasquez plays the character of Camila Barrios,
  • Ade Chike Torbert plays the character of Caleb Summers,
  • Cinthya Carmona plays the character of Brandie,
  • Carlito Olivero plays the character of Eddie Ramirez,
  • Danielle Vega plays the character of Ceci Camayo,
  • JD Pardo plays the character of Jesus,
  • Byron Martinez plays the character of Luis.

The recurring cast of the series includes:

  • Ruben Garfias plays the character of Hernan Aquilar,
  • Tracy Perez plays the character of Vanessa De La Cruz,
  • Jes Meza plays the character of Lorena Barrios Aquilar,
  • Ashley Campuzano plays the character of Tiffany Ramos,
  • Jorge Diaz plays the character of Paulie,
  • Alicia Sixtos plays the character of Maya Martinez,
  • Andrea Sixtos plays the character of Jocelyn Reyes,
  • Vivis Colombetti plays the character of Rosario Reyes.


Season 1 of the shows follows Jessie who is raised by only one parent. He has a major crush on Jacob, the most popular boy at school. Maya, a cousin of Jessie, is a troublemaker and runaway. She begins living in the house of Jessie and starts having romantic feelings for Jacob as well. During four season of the show, the teenagers experience different situations. There are many issues that they have to deal with, including drug abuse, sexual experience, pregnancy, and other.

Season 4 is mostly dedicated for the Bomb Squad, a team of dancers spending their time in a dance camp.


There have been certain changes in the cast of the show but all the seasons are related to the same school. On IMDb, the series has received a rating of 7.4 out of 10. It seems like it will be shown for a long time. It is expected that the season 5 will be shown very soon.

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