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East Los High passed through four successful seasons with 60 episodes in total. It received a number of awards and a mass of nominations. The story centers on a group of teenagers and their everyday school life on the east of Los Angeles. The series belongs to Wise Entertainment – the creator, the developer and the producer of the series in collaboration with Carlos Portugal and Kathleen Bedoya. The whole cast and the crew are Latino. The filming was held mostly in Los Angeles. The producers showed off marvelous collaborative work with a number of health organizations to inspire young people make healthy choices in life.


The main protagonists of East Los High are Jessie and Maya. They are cousins and have a common romantic interest in Jacob – a popular footballer. This love triangle make the girls realize that even teenage world is filled with troubles of different kind: sex, violence, serious responsibilities and infidelity. They make their struggle through their everyday life trying to find better ways to resolve hardships. That’s the first season.
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The second one starts concentrates on Ceci coming back to L. A. and her dance team. She’s a single mom and has a lot of things to resolve. East Los High is filled with new students and a totally new cast. Their relationships often lead to scandalous events and unpredictable fatal turns. This year is going to be extremely breathtaking.
The third season is devoted to Camila and her past life secrets influencing her present personal and romantic life. Ceci is preparing for a tough dance competition with new people in the team.
In the fourth season, we’ll follow the way Gina and Eddie’s romantic relations are ruined due to a group of sexy newcomers at East Los High. Camila and Jesus fight for their life and Ceci is still following her dreams of better professional and romantic life in the future. The students will have to face serious troubles and stand for the things they believe in becoming better and better with every new episode fighting for a promising future, sincere feelings and unforgettable life experiences.
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Release Dates

The first season was released in June 2013 gaining extreme viewership and positive critics’ reviews. It became one of the most popular Hulu’s projects. The second one started in summer 2014. When the second season concluded, the producers decided to prolong it for two more seasons. The fourth one started in summer 2016 and it’s early to make any suppositions about future broadcasts. We hope that stable viewership and ratings are enough to give us a chance to enjoy one more season of this exciting series about these touching and charming teenagers making serious decisions.


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