From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Release Date

From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Release Date


Miramax and El Rey Network have begun the production on the third period of the dim TV series From Dusk Till Dawn.

According to the official press release, the fans should wait for From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 release date on August of 2016. The exact release date of the third season will be announced later along with the plot details in the upcoming series. It is probable that From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 release date on Bluray and DVD will happen in the end of 2016.


D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Eiza Gonzalez, Jesse Garcia, Madison Davenport, Brandon Soo Hoo, and Jake Busey. Producer and El Rey Network organizer Robert Rodriguez himself chose the script and the scenes for the first season that have started on March 14 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Carlos Coto returns as showrunner (and also author and official maker) in From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 episode 1.


Ricci Gecko (Zane Holtz) frees his brother Seth (D. J. Controna) from prison, and together they continue to rob banks, leaving behind the bodies of rangers and police. Ricci suffers from some psychological disorder, and he sees demons everywhere. Brothers Gekko pursue Sheriff Earl McGraw (Don Johnson) and Freddy Gonzalez Ranger (Jesse Garcia). The criminals want to escape to Mexico, for that they take hostage the family of the former priest Fuller (Robert Patrick).

From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 episode 1 proceeds with the Gecko siblings’ adventure as they battle their way through the universe of culebras, the vampire-snake cross breeds that control concealed realms in Texas and Mexico. Once the worst fugitives in the area, Seth and Richie made a keep running for the Border two years prior to spare their lives – and their fortune. They ran headlong into a bar brimming with bloodsuckers and brigands, going head to head with the vampire goddess Santanico. The Geckos went along with her cause, and they settled an old score. It won them a spot in the culebra world. Since world is going to blast, and new foes are social event – dull powers, never going to budge on demolition and mastery. It’s up to the Geckos to stop them – yet they can’t do only it.

Interesting Facts

  • Full of ten hour-long scenes From Dusk Till Dawn season 1 was taking into account the notable film establishment of the same name;
  • "We’re taking Season 3 to a radical new level," said Robert Rodriguez. "It’s a dangerous time in the "Sunset" world, and the Geckos will be up against new vamps with new plans and powers. We’re all psyched about jumping back in for kick-ass activity pressed rushes";

The plot of the series is a franchise of the famous same-titled movie of 1995 and the continuation of the hiStory of gangster brothers Gekko played once by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino. The Main roles in the series From Dusk Till Dawn are played D. J. Controna and Zane Holtz.

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From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Season 2 – OFFICIAL TRAILER

From Dusk till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter (2000) – Trailer

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