The Durrells Season 2

The Durrells Season 2 Release Date


The Durrells is a TV serial with drama elements. Also, we must mention, that this cinema masterpiece has the features of autobiography. The season premiere was on April this year. But now we want to present the newest one. The Durrells 2 Season release date is the 23rd of April in the year of 2016.


As you know, to make the Story Interesting and outstanding, it is rather important to use the professional Actors to make the cast really special. So, the producers decided to follow such an advice. Here you will see the next people:

  • Anna Savva and Keeley Hawes.
  • Josh O`Connor and Milo Parker.
  • Daisy Waterstone and Callum Woodhouse.
  • Alexis Georgoulis and Yorgos Karamihos.
  • Moss and Lucy Black.
  • Ulric von der Esch and Leslie Caron.
  • Jeremy Swift and Maximilian Befort.
  • Ben Hall and Hara-Joy Ermidi.
  • Lizzy Watts and Jamie Ward.
  • Alexis Conran and James Cosmo.
  • Vangelis Diamantis and Manolis Emmanuel.
  • Nestor Korsidas and Barbara Flynn.

The serial is directed by Steve Barron, Roger Goldby, Edward Hall. It is produced by Christopher Hall, Lee Morris, Simon Nye, Sally Woodward Gentle, Pete Coogan, Rebecca Eaton, Erin Delaney, Steven Ashley, Susanne Simpson, Pat Lees.


That serial is a drama, which will present you the events in 1935-1939 years. In this time Louisa Durrell a single British mother made a decision to move to another island of Greek. She has four children of different age, so it wasn’t so easy for her, as you can imagine.

So, when they come to a new place, they do a lot of efforts to make their lives full of adventures and other great events. In the life of the Main character, you will meet a lot of people. Here they are – Daisy Waterstone, Milo Parker, Josh O`Connor, Callum Woodhouse.


This serial will amaze the people of different ages. You will be also very excited about that. The duration of the new episode is about 46-47 minutes.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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