Drunk History Season 4

Are you ready for the very unusual journey through North America guided by a drunken narrator? If yes, everything in your hands, as the serial under the title “Drunk History” in the genre of a comedy is presenting just this. Being already renewed for the fourth installment, the serial is expected to appear in its new form this particular summer.


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Being a successful product of the American motion-picture industry, the project under the name “Drunk History” is developed reposing on the famous web series titled “Funny or Die” that is considered to be the child of such creators as Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner. The very story of the web serial saw the light in 2007.
The serial production comes to be a feather in the cap of the employees working in Comedy Central.  With its latest season debuting at the beginning of autumn 2015, the serial follows specifically Derek Waters, Bennie Arthur, Maria Blasucci, Jason Alexander, Blake Anderson and many others.

What comes here for depiction specifically?

The serial portrays quite unusual journeys of drunken narrators to the history of the USA. The narrator of the story is the immediate creator and inspirer of this project named specifically Derek Waters. Each episode he comes to be joined by some celebrities as for example Jack Black, Lisa Bonet, and Winona Ryder and many others.
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The question is what they are discussing. The agenda of each part is considered to be a real event in the American history. The watchers follow the host of the show and a stay taking a tour to one of the U. S. cities. The exploring of this event is made in a very hilarious way.
In the latest season we are dealing in particular with the rise and founding of the US air force by Abraham Lincoln.

Concerning the level of ratings

Getting to know that the spearheads of the executives are reckoned to be Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, we cannot even afford ourselves to doubt that the serial can become a failure. What has tickled watchers’ fancy is the very way of making fools the host of the how is applying. So we can be sure that the developers are not aiming to put this project on hold.

When can we expect the launch of the fourth installment?

Drunk History Season 4 Cast
The award-nominated serial has been revived as you know for the sequential this time already fourth range of new episodes. This serial was resumed by the way together with other popular projects on Central Comedy.
The Drunk History season 4 release date is so far unknown though there exist some presumptions that the serial is going to appear at the beginning of this upcoming autumn.
The developers promise quite unusual depiction as tradition of the project needs it in fact. Be ready for the unpredictable take on the well-known and the completely unknown historical events. So we should arm themselves with patience and wait for the news about this serial to come down the road.


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