Drifters Season 4

Another British project under the title “Drifters” has been on the bubble since the debut in the previous fall. But we still hope for the renewal and there is still time for the announcement to come off timely without delay. Stay tuned with us in order to be notified at first hand.

Brief review

Following principal aspects of Drifters, it is necessary to note at first that it is a sitcom by its genre and a British project by its origin. The fabrication was possible due to Damon Beesley. The filming was held in Watford, Hertfordshire. The series stars such actresses as Jessica Knappett, Lydia Rose Bewley, and Lauren O’Rourke. The creator is reckoned to be one of the stars named Jessica Knappett.
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The first release was set on E4 in October 2013 while the latest one – in the previous fall. The latest chapter appeared amidst previous October and included six episodes with the duration of each one constituting about a quarter of an hour. The whole amount of episodes constitutes 18 currently.

Following the narrative

A regular British sitcom serves to supply us with mockery at the personal and professional sides of lives of three girlfriends named Meg, Bunny, and Laura.
The action is set in Leeds and follows their life stories, as they are the roommates. They are young being twenty or something year old. They are already the graduates, nevertheless. Their life as students is over and now they are faced with the real life that can offer only the challenges to them in the majority of cases. So, they should navigate their lives somehow on their path, sometimes bad, sometimes good but mostly ugly. Are they able to cope with the harsh reality or not?
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Is it a rating hit or not?

If speaking frankly speaking, for the entire course of the series including three seasons, it has not been a flagship ever. Nevertheless, for the Channel 4, it was more than enough to renew it at regular intervals.
The critical acclaim is not the feature of this project. And we cannot expect it having it, as it is not that kind of TV series. It is just easy and relaxing for watching something in the evening after a hard working day.
The ratings on various websites are rather average. For instance, on IMDb, it includes 6.8 points out of 10.
As for the reviews from ordinary viewers, they are positive. What is appraised is the comedic talent of the main cast members, as well as writing and costume design.
Drifters Season 4 Cast

Renewal predictions

Now, the situation is such that we are unaware of the series fate, specifically of the fourth installment. According to predictions, it should appear this autumn. As it has not come yet, there is a great hope that we will get to know about the renewal, as well as the Drifters season 4 release date without delay.
Keep your eyes open and stay tuned with us in order to be notified at first hand, as changes in the situation with the project are felt to be around the corner.


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