Dr. Phil Season 15 Release Date

Dr. Phil Season 15 Release Date


Dr. Phil season 15 is a television show airing on CBS. The arrangement initially circulated in 2002 and has seen fourteen seasons as such. The arrangement highlights Dr. Phil McGraw offering counsel, or "life techniques", from his time as a clinical therapist. Currently the show is on air with its 14th season.

Dr. Phil season 15 release date will happen in the end of 2016. However, there are possible some changes in the CBS schedule. There is no any news about Dr. Phil season 15 release date on Bluray and DVD.

Dr. Phil is on air at 4 PM EST on CBS every Monday through Friday. Rehashes are appeared for the duration of the morning on OWN.


In Dr. Phil season 15 episode 1 you will see such hosts and the regular cast – Phil McGraw, Robin McGraw, T.D. Jakes, Nathaniel Best, Kate Rigg, Nadya Suleman, Jerry Bojanowski    and Steve Kovalcik.


Dr. Phil season 15 continues to covers an expansive exhibit of subjects which incorporate money related arranging, marriage counsel, weight reduction, wayward kids and insubordinate high schoolers, useless families, among different points. The tone of the arrangement is for the most part genuine with infrequent funniness to help the inclination. The arrangement is known for catching up with families that have showed up on the show for kept directing. The arrangement is taped before a studio group of onlookers. McGraw’s significant other about dependably sits in the gathering of people and leaves the set with him toward the end of scenes.

Interesting Facts

In the most recent scene of season 14, Dr. Phil’s great companion, Oprah Winfrey, talks about her new arrangement Belief, about most profound sense of being and confidence. A lady examines blame and pardoning after a repulsive mischance in which her little girl was unintentionally murdered by her closest companion.

Because of the way of the appear, there is no data on what new scenes will examine until the week that they air. It is difficult to think about what may come in future scenes of the show as the points differ generally and don’t take after any kind of example. We will need to sit tight for additional data to be discharged before we will recognize what the show has in store for what’s to come.

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