Dr. Ken Season 2 Release Date

Dr. Ken season 2 release date

Dr. Ken season 2 release date was confirmed. You can read about the details below.

Many fans of this comedy series broadcasted on ABC are wondering when to expect for Dr. Ken season 2 premiere. And what to expect from Dr. Ken season 2 episode 1?
The series Dr. Ken has appeared on television in autumn of 2015. The main role in the TV played by the famous actor Ken Jeong.

Dr. Ken season 2 release date was confirmed

The Plot:

The main character is Dr. Ken, in whose life everything is not quite as we would like. So he has the failure to pursue continuous career development. Since he spends a lot of time at work, it does not go right to educate their children.
In addition, personal life not constantly develops. Despite this, our hero tries to love it, and continues to move forward towards its goal.
Dr. Ken season 2 release date must be expected at October of 2016. However, we are still waiting for the official confirmation from ABC.
There is surely no information about Dr. Ken season 2 release date on DVD and Bluray.
While waiting, you can watch Dr. Ken season 1 trailer:

Did you enjoy the first season of this comedy series?

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