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Do you know who Donny Deutsch is in fact? It is a host of one reality show that is considered a spoof of the genre by many. Well, this is a comedy starring him. The reviews are rather uninspiring and the viewership is small. The series is next door to cancellation for these reasons. Will it survive finally? We think it is not probable – chances are low indeed but the hope exists until the confirmation of the cancellation.

Some Main Points We Cannot but Reveal for You

Donny! is a new format in the genre of sitcoms broadcasted on USA Network in November 2015. The first chapter is the latest one comprising six episodes with the duration of half an hour. The future has not been revealed yet. For what reasons? In fact, this issue needs a concrete answer – let’s turn to it later.
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Donny Deutsch and Angie Day are personalities behind creation. Meanwhile, Left/Right is the studio for filming.

With Regard to the Concept

Who is Donny Deutsch? Have you met him in other TV shows? You could have met him in Big Idea on CNBC, as he is the host there.
In this soft-scripted comedy, he performs the role of the fictionalized himself. The majority of the situations that happen to the main character are the results of the improvisational element that is strong enough.
It is a satirical look at media, wealth, and modern romance. The jokes in the series cannot be referred to decent ones. So, keep your children far away from this comedy, as it is harmful to their psyches.

Unfavorable Audience Response

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Have you found many unfavorable reviews on the net regarding this project? Well, hold on, let’s summarize everything. In fact, the situation is not so inspiring it is true. The format of the show is not dear to the taste of people who get used to watching the comedies where the humor is more or less decent. The abundance of utterly sexist or lesbian jokes gets us feel uncomfortable. In addition, if you have no idea who Donny Deutsch is, the situation gets much more complicated. The rude speech of the main character, excessive shirtless appearances by the lead character, outrageously direct product placement – all these things are the integral parts of this sitcom.
It is a satire, surely, in its core. Some people consider it inappropriate. The satire is lost due to the lack of funny moments, according to multiple reviews. Well, it seems that everybody is against the project. Nevertheless, there are people who watch and enjoy it. The viewership equals 0.2 million people.

Low Renewal Potential

To sum everything up, we should say that the chances of the renewal are extremely low. The cancellation is much probable than the resumption. This statement can be proved by the absence of any info regarding the series fate. What is your opinion towards this project? Have you watched it? Have your expectations been satisfied or not? Let us know in the comments below.
There is no essence in waiting for the Donny! Season 2 release date in the near future, at least. As soon as data appear, we will notify you right off the bat.


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