Dominion 3 Season Release Date

Dominion 3 season release date

Dominion 3 season release date was confirmed by SyFy channel. When should we expect from the new season?

SyFy channel started showing the second season of this fantastic series at the beginning of July. Despite negative critic reviews, many viewers are interested in Dominion 3 season premiere. Fans around the world are asking when should they wait for Dominion season 3 episode 1?

The Plot:

Events in the series Dominion happen in the distant post-apocalyptic futuristic world. In the coming few decades, angels began a ruthless and bloody war against humanity on the Earth. The angels are led by the archangel Gabriel. After some time on the side of the people appears the archangel Michael, who wants to help people survive. Humanity withstands this war and rises from the ashes. But now there is a new threat – the political upheaval that threatens the change of power. The young soldier goes on a dangerous adventure to save people.

Dominion 3 season release date was confirmed by SyFy channel

Judging by the ratings of the show, there is a strong likelihood that we should expect for the 3rd season.
Dominion 3 season release date was scheduled for summer of 2016.
Dominion 3 season release date on Bluray and DVD is rumored to happen in Q5 of 2016.
For now watch Dominion 2 season trailer:

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