Under The Dome 3 Season Release Date

Under Dome 3 season release date
Under The Dome 3 season release date is confirmed. The fans of the popular sci-fi drama series will be able to see the new episodes faster than they thought.
At the official press conference, which was conducted by representatives of CBS, there were told the future plans for this popular TV series.
The American TV channel CBS Television Studios had an official statement referred about Under Dome 3 season. David Stepfa reminded all journalists and fans what a fantastic series "Under the Dome" is. It is based on the famous book by Stephen King, written in 2013, and have already received the award in the category "most popular drama series" on television.

Under Dome 3 season release date is confirmed

About the plans for the 3rd season, the executive producer Neal Baer told TV project, the story in the series can last about 15 seasons (optional and on the condition of high TV rankings). Creators assure all viewers that they still have many interesting things to see in the future seasons.

Under Dome 3 season release date is supposedly June 2015.
Do you watch this show? Do you like more or less comparing to the original book?

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