Doctor Thorne Season 2

To look in the recent epoch and to consider in detail the life and lifestyle of the British of earlier times helps the British mini-series, which was launched on the channel ITV (UK) in the spring of 2016. Total 3 episodes of the show became a real discovery for the public in the UK and for audiences around the world. But this small number of parts resulted in that the audience is increasingly setting the creators of the series the question of when Doctor Thorne season 2 will return with the new episode. Release date of the renewed program is yet to be announced, but the Internet is full of questions regarding the next season release date, so its coming would be quite a logical authors’ decision. The return is rather predictable, but if the project is renewed, it will happen only in 2017.
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Production Info

The pilot season start was set for March 6, 2016. Only 3 episodes were shown, and the finale was released on March 20, 2016.
The script of Doctor Thorne was written by an English actor and novelist Julian Fellowes, who developed the idea of Anthony Trollope’s novel turning it into a series. Executive producers presenting the first season premiere are such people as:

  • Negeen Yazdi;
  • Mark Redhead;
  • Christopher Kelly;
  • Harvey Weinstein.

The company distributing the show is Hat Trick Productions; the channel responsible for the presenting of the second season air date is ITV (UK).

About the Series

The cast of Doctor Thorne includes such actors as:
Doctor Thorne Season 2 Spoiler

  • Tom Hollander;
  • Stefanie Martini;
  • Rebecca Front;
  • Harry Richardson;
  • Ian McShane;
  • Richard McCabe and others.

In the center of the events of the series is an idyllic British area, where a rich young man Frank Gresham falls in love with a nice but poor Mary Thorne. This love goes through many obstacles and trials, it is trying to be banned, but as everyone knows, the true feeling will always find its way.
It’s still unknown whether season two will continue telling the story of the same characters or not, but the public has already loved these people and hope for their lives to be shown again.

Feedbacks and Prospects for Renewal

Despite the number of viewers of the first episode was rather large (4.64 million), it turned lower for more than one million to the second episode. On a world famous website IMDB Doctor Thorne has gained a 7.2/10 score and it’s impossible to say that this figure is low. The audience is waiting when new season is going to be presented and believes that the following part will not be so short as the first one. To get the schedule of future parts stay tuned and be the first to find out all the series details.


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