Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date

Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date


Doctor Who season 10 is the British sci-fi TV series tells about the traveler in time and space, who calls himself Doctor Who. Guest from another planet rather eccentric personality, has superhuman abilities in the fields of hiStory, science and technology.

The lethal devices serve him spaceship outside and no different from the police booth of the 1950s and inside – is a spacious transfer between planets and dimensions. The journey he goes with his faithful companions, exploring space and inter-space area and passing by fighting with the universe evil and hostile creatures. The experience the atmosphere of a fantastic adventure with the legendary Doctor and his indispensable team.

Doctor Who season 10 release date was scheduled for December 25, 2016 on BBC. It seems that Doctor Who season 10 release date on Bluray and DVD will happen in the end of 2016.


In Doctor Who season 10 episode 1 the full cast will return including Peter Capaldi, Arthur Darvill, Freema Agyeman, Ruari Mears, Donna Noble, Barnaby Edwards, Alex Kingston and many-many others.


Doctor Who season 10 tells the Story of a certain alien traveler, whom everyone called "Doctor Who". This eccentric intellectual with a peculiar sense of humor. He travels in time and space on a unique machine that their appearance resembles a classic police box, which were common in Britain of the 1960s. The design of the TARDIS (the so-called machine) came up with the Doctor, which actually belongs to the race, has mastered time travel. Our hero travels and for the sake of research, but more often he fights injustice, and sometimes even save the entire planet.

The twelfth Doctor travels extensively in time. He has been in the Sherwood Forest, in the era of Robin Hood and Richard the Lionheart, the characters and did move during the childhood of the first doctor that allows them to find answers to the questions that tormented fans of the show for several years. In short, the imagination the creators of this project can only envy. Of course, it is not yet known what will tell the new "Doctor Who" in the 10th season. But you can be sure that there will be plenty of adventures and the audience bored just do not have.

Interesting Facts

To date, the role of the legendary Doctor was performed by 14 different Actors. The previous (by the way, the eleventh) was the reincarnation of the Doctor, Matt Smith, and the twelfth was the Scottish actor Peter Capaldi, who has to play in Doctor Who season 10 premiere;

  • It is interesting that Steven Moffat was initially against the idea of Matt Smith, wearing a bow tie. Now, however, the fans of the contemporary Doctor is simply impossible to imagine without this accessory;
  • In July 2015 BBC confirmed the extension of the project for the next season. This means that soon the team will continue shooting. In Britain, rarely start shooting the conveyor as it happens on American television, and because new episodes have to wait quite a long time;
  • The first season of Doctor Who series came out in theaters in 1963-1989 years. In the 1990s, there was a break. In 2005, the series has been renewed, and from that moment all the seasons are numbered from the beginning – the first season;

In general, Doctor Who is the whole universe, as today, in addition to the original Story, there are some spin-offs, such as The Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood and K-9 (as opposed to the others, this project was withdrawn in Australia);

  • Doctor Who is not only the longest but also the most successful TV series in the genre of science fiction on British television. The series has always been known for its innovative special effects, interesting characters and a great soundtrack.

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