Doc Martin Season 8

General Info

The ups and downs of a talented surgeon who has to refrain from saving lives in the operating theater serve as the theme for portraying in Doc Martin. The series is not a newcomer on television having been launched yet in September 2004 on the ITV channel. As for now, it has seven seasons under the belt. The latest season release date is September 7, 2015. The medical dramedy stars Caroline Catz, Martin Clunes, Dame Eileen Atkins, Ian McNeice, and others.

Narrative Summary

Dr. Martin Ellingham is a brilliant surgeon with a great career. Yet all of sudden, he should give up operating due to the appearance of fear of blood. He comes back to his motherland and starts following his new way of life in the sleepy town working as a general practitioner. He heals locals and they call him Doc Martin.

Doc Martin Season 8 date release

The zest of the story is that the main character lacks in those social skills that are needed for a doctor who accepts patients every day, as he has got used to appearing hot-tempered and rude to people. With the course of the story run, he turns to transform to a more kind and sympathetic person.

Long Break and Revival

The series had been successfully for five seasons between 2004 and 2011. Then a long break took place and only September 2013 was the month when the dramedy was returned to the small screen. All cast members came back to please us with their good performances.

Doc Martin Season 8

In the latest season premiere, we followed Louisa, as she visited her mom. Then, Ellingham and Louisa went through the therapy while Mrs. Tishell was taken aback by her husband’s return and telling her that he was willing to make a fresh start in his life with her.

Following Changes in the Status

The latest debut was the most successful release in the history of the project. The viewership constituted 7 million watchers per each new episode. It is nonsense, in fact, as the story grows with its run. More seasons released – more audience garnered. Is it possible?

Doc Martin Season 8

In any case, there was no way out for developers but announce the continuation. As it has become known at the start of this year, the series will be given another renewal in 2017. The new season air date is unknown. Yet hold on! The Doc Martin season 8 release date it to come out only next year!

We should keep on following the news in terms of other specifics on the dramedy including plot details and cast changes.

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