“Diesel Brothers” Season 2

"Diesel Brothers" Season 2


"Diesel Brothers" (Season 2, release date – unknown) is a program on how to create a car with off-road heavy-duty diesel engine. It’s no secret that diesel engines are more powerful and more economical than gasoline counterparts. That is why they are most often used on trucks and large SUVs. And these guys engaged in such off-road monsters!


The Main roles in this project performed by:

Diesel Dave

Heavy Dee


Cheerful charismatic brothers Diesel believe that diesel cars are less popular unfairly. They create the largest and the most powerful diesel pickup trucks on the planet. Also they are the creators and managers of Diesel Sellerz company.

They find pick-ups and breathe life into these giants. Brothers do not only sell cars, but also just give them. This is insanely fun and extreme show. It is thanks to them in the United States and around the world appeared the cult of diesel.

Heavy Dee, one of the brothers, deals with all the organizational issues and calls himself the boss. Diesel second brother Dave, creative and charismatic, is the face of the company and inspiration for his brother. Brothers shoot videos and entertainment on the Internet attract people to their site. They have millions of fans and admirers across the globe.

In their workshop, they can make the coolest and exclusive tuning pickup. Brothers joking with each other and communicate with owners of large cars. The show is Interesting because everything happens for real. Guys can buy your favorite pickup even at a gas station, even at traffic lights. And then the miracle begins.

Among the team there are only professionals, and they are all one big and united family. They are having fun and joking during operation. Even those who have nothing to do with all diesel engines and vehicles, will be interested in this show. All the guys have nicknames that correspond to their studies and temperament. The team takes on the most incredible and heavy projects. Brothers are aware of all diesel engines and are ready to apply their knowledge in practice, combining them with humor and filling their program with Interesting facts. They draw inspiration from almost everything. Bought and renovated in the show truck will be played between the fans. Each visitor has a chance to win it.


Thanks to the Internet, "Diesel Brothers" is known by many people. On the first day of the opening of their shop team earned more than 200 thousand dollars.

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Diesel Brothers Season 1 Episode 2

SUPER SIX – 6x6x6 MONSTER Diesel!!

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