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The home channel for the British historical drama titled “Dickensian” is yet to resume the project for the second chapter. As the ratings are very much promising, there is a firm reason to conclude the project is worth being kept producing. Let’s hope that the developers decided only to hold us a little bit in tension, nothing else. So it should be only a matter of time. Thus, let’s wait for better news to come.

Basic info about the show on BBC

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Dickensian makes for the historical multipart film by British production. The home channel for the serial is reckoned to be the leader of the television networks in the United Kingdom called BBC One. The fabrication company is presented by the ole one studio titled Red Planet Pictures. The immediate scenario is created by the whole team of writers. They are Sarah Phelps, SImon Winstone, Tony Jordan, and Justin Young. The team of executive producers includes such personalities as Polly Hill and Tony Jordan.
The pioneer chapter is composed of the entire 20 parts. The duration of each episode constitutes about half an hour.  The debut was held practically at the very  end of the preceding year

What are the main characters of the new serial based on classics?

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The serial comes to be founded on Charles Dickens’s novels, particularly on the characters he was scrupulously creating in his masterpieces. These characters are to obtain somewhat another modern reincarnation. However, their nature is to remain the same. So the serial is nothing but an attempt of the directors to acquaint people ho is not familiar with this brilliant author with his works. The thing is that modern youth is unwilling to read classic books currently. The only one way to make them get interested in this literature is to adapt the novel stories and create a serial or a film.
The heroes and heroines of the serial are taken from such masterpieces as A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, Bleak House, Great Expectations, and The Old Curiosity Shop. We should note that it is not a complete range of novels. The story itself is reckoned to be overcrowded. But all the characters are presented together with their life stories and backgrounds.

What can we say about the popularity of the new project?

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According to the opinions of critics, the serial can be reckoned as one of the most promising project ever broadcast on BBC One. The rating numbers are also quite impressive. The total amount of viewers has counted about 5 million people. So the aim of the creators of the show seems to be achieved. The audience has got interested in the characters taken from classics.

When can we expect the renewal?

The up-to-date situation is that the serial isn’t renewed for the sophomore chapter. So the Dickensian season 2 release date remains at a present moment of time also unknown. We should keep abreast of the situation in order to be notified about the announcements coming officially from the reliable resources timely.


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