Dice Season 2

The Showtime channel has already announced the future of Dice, the comedy that has no stellar ratings yet is accepted favorably by the audience due to the positive reviews and scores on various aggregator websites.

Main Aspects

What is Dice? It is the series about one comedian. Well, you should know him but if not, we will acknowledge you. Comedian Andrew Dice Clay is the main character of the project, his fictionalized version in particular.
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This comedy is new having premiered on Showtime in April 2016. The first season is the latest one, as of today but the future is already announced. What is it? Let’s define it later and now as for executives. This team is marvelous indeed including such names as Scot Armstrong, Sean Furst, Bryan Furst, Richard Shephard, Bruce Rubenstein and Andrew Dice Clay.
The entire range of companies is behind the production involving Ol? Productions, America Work Inc., Fox 21 Television Studios and Showtime Networks.

Plot Summary

The main character is the fictionalized version of the comedian named Andrew Dice Clay playing himself here. Kevin Corrigan stars as his best fellow “Milkshake” while Natasha Leggero has taken the role of his girlfriend Carmen.
What should we expect from the story? Well, funny events and situations will be delivered to you in each episode. Everything happens in a Las Vegas suburban backdrop. Moreover, the explosive chemistry between the cast members will be shown in a rather good way.

Are Ratings Inspiring?

As far as the rating figures are concerned, the situation is of a controversial type. The score on IMDB is practically perfect with 7.2 points out of 10 while the viewership leaves much to be desired – only 0.2 million watchers.
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As for the reviews, everything is rather promising here. Those who are not the fans of Andrew Dice Clay admit that they are much captured by the story. The followers of his talent are glad, surely, to see him making a comeback after many years of being under the radar.
Apart from Andrew, such older comedians as Louie and Maron make a return also and this cannot but amaze the audience.

Following Latest Developments

With such low viewership, it was hard to predict the future of the comedy. Nevertheless, at the close of the previous month, all our good hopes were satisfied as it was confirmed that the second season would take place in the future, next year specifically.
The filming will be arranged in Las Vegas as well. The second installment is expected to follow the star in his struggles as an unemployed comedian working on being a father, a boyfriend – and keeping gambling.
The Dice season 2 release date can be exposed only next year. So, you should sigh with relief and calm down your anticipation, so far. We will notify you as soon as any info regarding this project appears. Stay tuned for more updates!
What is your personal attitude towards the project? Is the humor there to your liking? Is it funny enough? Let us know your thoughts by means of commenting on the project below the article.


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