Diabolik Lovers 2 Season Release Date

Diabolik Lovers 2 season release date

Diabolik Lovers 2 season release date has been announced. Check the details below.

Diaborikku Rav?zu a.k.a.Diabolik Lovers 2 season will happen sooner than everyone expected.
As a rule, most of the Japanese anime series is based on the manga of the same name. However, there are projects based on visual novels that is a kind of computer games, which are a kind of quest text. In Japanese culture, they can be considered as a separate genre. And they can be regarded as a shining example of visual novel and put it on the TV series called as Diabolik Lovers. When to expect for the Diabolik Lovers season 2 episode 1 premiere? Get the information below.

The Plot:

Directed by Shinobu Tagashira the TV series tells the story of the main character of the series – Komori Yui. She – the daughter of a priest. Her father needed to go for, and at the time Yui will have to settle with distant relatives living in a secluded mansion. After moving the girl learns that the house belongs to the brothers Sakamaki – cruel vampires, for whom Yui only source of fresh blood. At first she tries to escape, but soon realizes that to do so on their own unrealistic. In addition, her brothers threatened the massacre if she thinks of his repeated attempts.
On their insistence Yui forced to attend some mysterious elite school where classes are held at night, because there are trained supernatural beings. Moreover, it appears that the priest – is not the father of Yui. And in the house, he took her on purpose, as if sacrificing. It’s an ulterior motive, such as it is connected with the origin of Yui, and she is trying to find out. But while it cannot be – pages of the diary, found in the library, you are filled with the content, they become clean. And at Yui begin to have strange visions.

Diabolik Lovers 2 season release date has been announced

Interesting facts and details

Like in many other anime series, the Diabolik Lovers characters are very elaborated, each of them are bright and dark sides that several sets them apart from the western approach to the subject. Like everything that belongs to the genre of visual novels, anime contains erotic scenes, but they are quite modest by today’s standards.
Despite the fact that watching anime is very specific entertainment for Japanese teenagers, the project got fans all over the world.
Diabolik Lovers 2 season release date is expected in autumn of 2015. Follow our updates to find out.
DVD and Bluray release date of Diabolik Lovers 2 season will happen in 2016.
While waiting watch Diabolik Lovers 1 season trailer:

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