Devious Maids Season 4

Following to the up-to-date posture of affairs we are dealing with the revival of the serial. Currently, the latest season is counted as the fourth one. Its premiere has been set quite recently if to be more exact on this past June 6. So now the loyal following has a brilliant opportunity to watch a new portion of hilarious episodes.

About the show

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Made as a comedy for the ABC channel, the serial is surely by American production. Specifically, ABC Studios is taking an immediate part in its development. As for the inspirer of the project, he is named Marc Cherry. He has taken the Mexican telenovela as the basis for this TV story.
The serial turns to be critically-acclaimed. This was achieved by a marvelous crew of executives consisting of Eva Longoria, John Mass, Michael Garcia, and some others.
Being primarily developed for the ABC channel, the series turns to be also broadcast on the Lifetime channel in the US since the end of June 2013. The third chapter was given a summer start in the preceding year. Each season is composed of 13 episodes.

What comes here for depiction?

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And now as far as the very story is concerned. So as the title implies, watching this serial, we are dealing with the plot that features a group of Latina maids who are serving in the luxuriant houses of better-off families living in Beverly Hills.

As far as the amount of garnered viewership is concerned

The ratings of the show can be perceived as quite average in comparison with other projects aired both on ABC and Lifetime. The number of viewers has been declining from chapter to chapter. The first one, for example, has garnered about 3 million people. Meanwhile, the second and the third debut was noted for 1.8 and 1.5 million watchers correspondingly. Is it the sign to cancel the story? Surely, not. It seems that the developers have a lot in store in order to present to us in the following at least several chapters.

Following the recent news

In spite of a considerable rating decline, the developers were not hesitating when it came to the decision of the serial fate in the previous year opting for the continuation of the project.
Devious Maids Season 4 Cast
The announced fourth season is now already on the run on its second home channel after the original one called ABC. The Devious Maids season 4 release date was defined as June 6, 2016.
In this season we are destined to gaze at Eva Longoria serving here as star guest in the debut episode. Ana Ortiz, Roselyn Sanchez, and Judy Reyes – all these ladies will be back to the series pursuing to reprise their central roles. We should also expect the release of only 10 episodes which can be reckoned as a kind of shortage in comparison with the volume of other seasons.
For this point, these are all details that are available now for the loyal following. In order to receive other breaking news and become aware of various announcements during the broadcast of the fourth season, be in the swim together with us.


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