Deutschland 83 Season 2

Revolving around the Cold War in Germany between East and West, Deutschland 83 has now only one season at its disposal and nothing has been said so far about the feasibility of the second installment much to our regret.

Background of the series

As you have already guessed, the narration of the story “Deutschland 83” is given in the German language. Therefore, this series is the first one German-language series on the American network called SundanceTV.
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By the genre referring to the historical drama and spy thriller, it turns to narrate about the unfolding of events during the Cold War.
Such a serious theme for depiction can be entrusted only to Anna Winger, an American journalist, and writer who is reckoned to be a resident of Berlin.
Together with her spouse named Soko Leipzig working as a showrunner for various successful projects, she and Sebastian Werninger are forming a team of executives.
Jonas Nay, the performer of the central part, leads the acting cast together with other actors and actresses.
The first season debut was set in the previous June. So now it seems like we should enjoy already the second installment. But due to unknown reasons, we have nothing to view so far.

Plot summary

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The series depicts a very recent epoch in the world history specifically the period of the Cold War between East and West.
Surely, it is not a documentary series and therefore, there should be no doubts about the existence of the main hero. So here, it is named Martin Rauch.
He is a young man in his middle twenties who is considered to be an East German native. He is given a task that may seem like an ordeal which lies in spying for the Stasi Foreign Service.
Having entered the West German army, his immediate purpose is to collect all information of NATO military strategy. Is he talented enough to cope with this challenge? Or is the exposal possible? In order to get to know this, let’s follow the narrative depicted in the first season.

What are the reviews and chances of renewal?

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The level of the series acceptance is now pretty high in fact no matter what audience we are taking into consideration – either the American or the German one.
Though the favorable reviews from critics are not a rare case, the series resumption is now still questionable much to our regret as the followers are anticipated about its emergence in the near future.
There is no available info as well about the Deutschland 83 season 2 release date. Can chances there appear that the series would be revived? Or is it already the end of the historical drama? Both variants are equally possible now in fact. But we have nothing to do now but to hope for the best news to come. No matter how the situation unfolds, we should keep our fingers on the pulse of the series and should not hang down our heads. Be in the swim in case of appearance at least some official data about the project.


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