The Deuce Season 1 Release Date

The Deuce Season 1 Release Date


The Deuce is a future American TV show arrangement set and created in and around Times Square, New York. Made and composed by creator and previous police journalist David Simon alongside the incessant associate George Pelecanos, the arrangement pilot started shooting in October of 2015. It was grabbed to arrangement in January of 2016.

HBO teases The Deuce season 1 release date that is scheduled for the first half of 2017. There is no any official statement about The Deuce season 1 release date on DVD and Bluray.


The leading roles of The Deuce season 1 premiere will feature Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Franco, Zoe Kazan, Margarita Leviev, Emily Meade, Lawrence Gilliard and Kim Director.


The Deuce recounts the account of the authorization and following ascent of the porn business in New York starting in the 1970s and its progressing ascend through the mid-1980s. The topics investigated incorporate the ascent of HIV, the brutality of the medication pestilence and the subsequent land blasts and busts that matched with the change.

The Deuce season 1 episode 1 tells exactly that. The events are unfolding in the 1970-80s. These years were marked by the completion of a very peculiar period. In those years of innocence somehow often intertwined with looseness. But once the nature of all the sins of the people are tired, and it is awarded all of them AIDS.

In the center of the Story is Eileen Merrell, which appears in the New York Manhattan. All its customers it is known under the name of Yum. Occupation from Eileen was associated with vice and pleasure. When there is a new industry, which ruled by homosexual twins, Sweetie once appeared here in the dark corners of Times Square. it did not matter that her work on film is removed, because it is for her to pay.

Interesting Facts

  • The season 1 of The Deuce premiere will comprise of eight episodes;
  • Deuce is a slang term for the street 42nd located in the center of Manhattan, being Times Square;
  • The director of the project is Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad) and James Franco will also direct the third episode of the first season.

Promo Art

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James Franco & Maggie Gyllenhaal Film ‘The Deuce’ in NYC!

7 Days in Hell: Trailer (HBO)

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