Delicious Season 2

The title may suggest that we are dealing with a cooking competition series but this is not the case. It is not a reality show but a mixture of comedy and drama airing on the Sky1 channel. It is also a miniseries including only one part so far. The first season air date is considered to be December 30, 2016. Four 45-minute episodes complete the freshman installment. As for Delicious season 2 release date, it has not been announced yet, as well as the very revival confirmed.
Sky See is the contributing company. Dan Sefton has developed the story collaborating with executives named Anna Ferguson and Anne Mensah. The acting cast impresses with its variety:

  • Iain Glenn,
  • Dawn French,
  • Emilia Fox,
  • Sheila Hancock,
  • Tanya Reynolds,
  • Ruari O’Connor.

Delicious Season 2 Release Date

Romantic but Deviled Series

What is hiding in the spiced title? In fact, it is a story about relationships, food, and infidelity. Everything is delivered in a light-hearted yet so much emotional manner so that we could enjoy everything and relax.
The first season premiere transports us to the place of action at once. It is Cornwall. Sam and Gina are connected to each other with friendship feelings emerged from betrayal and broken down families.

Well Accepted?

The delicious picture grew in terms of decent reception from audiences, with a new episode appearing one by one. It is perceived as a sweet and easy way to spend some time without focusing on something and setting free from thinking over the important life routine. The IMDb score of 6.5 points proves that the project is not a hit but a rather worthy way to entertain oneself.
Many people speak for the serial after making a surprising conclusion that the project is not only entertaining and funny but also sensual and insightful. No one could predict that the miniseries will be of such a quality, being produced by the network.
The developers announced when the project was not even launched that it would be a one-off event, yet unplanned renewals have been known to happen many times before.
The second season release date of the future installment cannot be revealed before the renewal is announced. So let’s wait for the revival announcement, as the devil may play any trick. Tune in for more info!


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