Degrassi: Next Class Season 3 Release date

Degrassi: Next Class Release Date


Degrassi: Next Class (season 3, release date — pending) is TV series of a Canadian production. The target auditory of the show is teenagers. The main genre of the series is drama. The show belongs to the Degrassi franchise.

The series is about the life of young people studying at Degrassi School. They encounter different challenges and tough situations. Pregnancy, drug abuse, homosexuality, suicide, violence, and lots of other problems of young people are shown in the series.

The premiere of season 1 took place on 4 of Jan. 2016 in Canada. It has also been broadcasted in the USA and Australia.

The seasons 3 and 4 are being filmed and will be shown in 2017.


The main cast of the series includes:

  • Ricardo Hoyos,
  • Kelsey Klippenstein,
  • Ehren Kassam,
  • Spencer Macpherson,
  • Nikki Gould,
  • Zig Novak,
  • Reiya Downs,
  • Stephanie Moore,
  • Andre Dae Kim,
  • Amanda Arcuri,
  • Aisha Alfa,
  • Lyle Lettau,
  • Michael Brown,
  • Richard Walters,
  • Olivia Scriven,
  • Chelsea Clark,
  • Parham Rownaghi,
  • Dante Scott,
  • Kate Hewlett,
  • Amir Bageria,
  • Jamie Bloch,
  • Ana Golja,
  • Sara Waisglass,
  • Soma Bhatia,
  • Cheri Maracle ,
  • Eric Osborne,
  • Jamie Johnston,
  • Clarissa Anson,
  • Stefan Brogren,
  • Michael Kinney,
  • Pay Chen,
  • America Olivo and other.

The guests of the series include:

  • David Sutcliffe,
  • Raymond Ablack,
  • Jake Epstein,
  • Miriam McDonald,
  • Charlotte Arnold,
  • Jamie Johnston,
  • Lauren Collins,
  • Adamo Ruggiero,
  • Shane Kippel,
  • Sarah Barrable-Tishauer,
  • Jacob Neayem.


The show is about the typical issues that students meet in their life, including managing relationships and academic papers as well as encountering a range of difficult problems like drug abuse, harassment, rape, etc. The teenagers of the show try to deal with all the problems that they meet on their way regardless of its difficulty.


The show has a long history because for the first time it was launched in 1979. Now the producers of the show have even more possibilities to attract viewers, thanks to the developments of the Internet.  They aim at creating a show that would be interesting for those who have watched the previous versions of the show as well as teenagers from the new generation.

Because seasons 3 and 4 are being filmed now, it increases the total numbers of seasons of the show up to eighteen, which is really impressive.

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