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Currently, we have very much inspiring news for you. The fact is that the serial under the title “Degrassi: Next Class” has got a renewal for seasons 3 and 4. Moreover, we are aware now about the exact launch date of the third chapter.

Short review

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This serial makes for the TV drama by Canadian production. But it is reckoned to be not a new story in fact. The thing is that it was portrayed in different film forms for about 35 years. For example, on Nickelodeon, the serial about the school consisted of the entire 14 seasons. The giant network called Netflix has revamped the story in the form of today “Degrassi: Next Class”.
The given series is fabricated particularly by Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund in a tight collaboration with Epitome Pictures. The opening night has been held at the beginning of this year specifically in Canada. The rest of the world has got acquainted with the series two weeks later.

Plot summary

The story revolves around the life of students at an imagined high school in Canada. The theme of the story presented by various teenage problems is now obtaining a new modern covering in the form of nowadays youth. Though the issues are mainly the same as 30 years ago, the story receives somewhat new tension.
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So what problems are here explored specifically? First and foremost, we should mention the matter of relationships, peer pressure, and education process that are always in the life of any young boy or girl. The serial, thus, makes for a useful mean of influence. The serial shows to young people what is bad and wrong, and also what priorities they should choose. So the audience obtains a large number of messages that can help to prevent the teenagers from making wrong choices in their lives.

What is about the ratings of the show?

The serial comes to be very popular indeed. The audience includes both old-fashioned viewers and curious teenagers. This means that the efforts of the creators haven’t gone up in smoke. The thing is that Netflix is an online resource. Such type of media is currently the most popular source of information of young people. TV screens aren’t to their liking in the majority of cases. The Internet, as you know, is a very catchy thing. So now with this project, the teenagers have a possibility to spend their time in front of a computer with many benefits.

When can we expect the renewal of the series?

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AS it has become recently known, the serial will get its renewal in the form of the third season. Moreover, the Degrassi: Next Class season 3 release date is now announced. It is January 6, 2017. So the developers decided not to make a long break between chapters. And we are happy about that as the finale episode has been nothing but a dramatic cliffhanger for the fans of the show. The developers seem like surprising us for good, as we that announcement of the third season launch date, we have become also aware that the resumption will be also in the form of the third and fourth chapters. Stay tuned in order to receive other surprising and inspiring news from the developers of the project.


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