Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 Release Date


Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality TV serial, which was created in America. The season premiere was presented this year, but now you will have an opportunity to enjoy the continuation of the Story. The Below Deck Mediterranean 2 Season release date is the 26th of August in the year of 2016.


When we talk about the cast, it is important to mention such people, as:

  • Julia Albert Pusey.
  • Tiffany Copeland.
  • Hannah Ferrier.
  • Bobby Giancola.
  • Mark Howard.
  • Bryan Kattenburg.
  • Jen Riservato.
  • Ben Robinson.
  • Danny Zureikat.

The directors of the serial are Mark Cronin and Leonardo GenCon. Among the producers, we must mention Mark Cronin, Courtland Cox, Grace Lee, Nadine Rajabi, Shane Maroufkhani, Vivian Choi, Krista Steinberger. The editors are Wilton Cruz. Javier Alvarez, Bil Yoelin, Shane Maroufkhani.


Here in that serial, you will have an opportunity to see the lives of crew members. They like to spend time on the mega yacht and in this season you will see their adventure in Greece. They will sail around Santorini and Mykonos. And also here you will see the beauty of Greek Islands.

The professional crew like to have fun, so they to it and everybody is in a good mood. Here in the center of the Story, you will see Mark Howard, Ben Robinson, Bryan Kattenburg. Also, we mustn’t forget about the stewardesses and deckhands.

If you want to know, what the romance, party, drama and joy means, you must watch it. The wealthy guests of the yacht require the exclusive treatment and you will never be dull with it.


People, who like to see the serials, which are connected with the sea travels, will be very glad to watch that season. Here you will see, how ordinary people must live. Everything here is rather luxurious, so you will have a great pleasure during watching the serial.

The running time of new episode is 42 minutes, so if you have no free time, see the serial on weekend and you will be very exciting with it. It will amaze the people of different age and social status.

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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 2
Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 3

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