Death in Paradise 5 Season Release Date

Death Paradise 5 season release date

Death Paradise 5 season release date is expected later in 2016. Read further to catch more details.

Many viewers concerned about the issue: when will the fifth season of the show Death in Paradise? The fourth period of the detective project, filmed in Guadeloupe, came out on the wide screen in winter 2015. The audience very well the appreciated continuation of the series, so high ratings may be the reason that the creators of the new episodes will be removed.

The plot:

Death Paradise 5 season release date is rumored

The small island of St. Mary, which is located in the Caribbean Sea, is constantly changing owners. It is owned by France, then it becomes the owner of the UK and vice versa. In the center of the picture – is an inspector Richard Poole. It sent from England to he found the killer, local detective. Pool – a terrible bore, which cannot tolerate the climate of the island and wants to go home soon. But after the disclosure of the murder of Detective Inspector appointed, as a result, he has to stay at St Mary’s. In the third season of Poole killed and replaced by a different inspector – Humphrey Goodman. And some complicated cases it will reveal, the audience will learn in the new series.
Death in Paradise 5 season release date is planned for the first quarter of 2016.

Bluray release date of Death in Paradise 5 season is scheduled for summer of 2016.
Death in Paradise 5 season release date on DVD is expected in the Q3 of 2016.
Death in Paradise" is the true story of a policeman from England, who was sent to Jamaica to investigate the murder he coaches Bob Woolmer Pakistan. The murder occurred during the passage of Cricket World Cup.

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