Deadly Possessions Season 2

Deadly Possessions is a paranormal-documentary reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by Travel Channel with the first season release date on the 2nd of April 2016. The production matters are carried out by MY Entertainment. The cast of the show includes Zak Bagans, a paranormal investigator showcasing artifacts kept in the museum of Las Vegas. Besides, he shares stories of the objects and dark history lying behind each of the objects he found while investigating the most terrifying of the cases. Deadly Possessions season 2 release date hasn’t been announced yet.


Zak Bagans has been interested in paranormal activity since he was a little kid. He’s always been fond of collecting various objects connected with ghosts and paranormal activity. These objects are filled with unique energy and it shows when you hold them and look at them. Zak has been a successful paranormal investigator for a long time and it helped him to create an impressive collection of mysterious artifacts. The amount of artifacts was enough for a museum and Zak decided that his finds should be accessible to the public. Besides, after the opening of the museum, a huge number of people started sending their paranormal artifacts to Zak. These Deadly Possessions are a vital part of his everyday personal and professional life.
Deadly Possessions Season 2 date release


  • Nancy Knapp – the mother of Zak helping him run the museum.
  • Keith Hal referred to as Theodore – the caretaker of the museum.
  • Joe Tasso – gives the museum a silver cross earlier owned by a possessed person.
  • Jason Haxton – the owner of one of the most haunted objects in the world known as Dibbuk Box.
  • Kevin Mannis – owned the Dibbuk Box, before he got possessed in the process of investigation.
  • Dr. Cori Convertito – Robert the Doll caretaker.
  • Eric Murphy – donated a haunted last rites box to the museum.
  • Trevor Jones – Conjure Chest caretaker.
  • Deadly Possessions Season 2

  • Geoff Schumacher –St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall caretaker.
  • Cindy Lee – owns Bela Lugosi’s mirror.
  • Nick Kloster – owns a cursed television set.
  • Dan McIntyre – owned a mystic cauldron. Had to sell it to the museum.
  • Carneth Brown – Hollis Brown’s son. He was the one to help the police find out the truth about the identity of the victims Ed Gein. He got the cauldron in the house of the killer.
  • Deadly Possessions Season 2

  • Courtney Dyar & Derek Wagner – father and stepmother of Courtney. They believe that their daughter’s skis have paranormal qualities. They ship them to Zak.
  • Tina Booth – owns a paranormal painting known as Crying Boy.
  • Ron Nelson – owns a yacht where Natalie Wood died for unknown reasons.

2nd Season Air Date

The creators and the producers as well as the presenter of the project keep silent about when they will release the continuation of Deadly Possessions in its second installment.

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