Deadly Possessions Season 2

Deadly Possessions Season 2 Release Date


Here you will see an American TV serial, which will present the events, connected with paranormal activities. In the main role you will see the man, who presents different stories. He received them from the people of different cities and countries.


The cast to that serial is rather interesting, so you will enjoy it at all. Among the actors you will see:

  • Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin.
  • Keith L. Hall and Jay Wasley.
  • Ashley Richardson and Don Capone.
  • Darrell Chumley and Mark C. Fullhardt.
  • Michelle Gambino and Robb Hudspeth.
  • Robert Kabakoff and Michael Lepre.
  • Ignacyo Matynia and Charlie Meany.
  • Patti Negri and Michael Power.
  • Billy Tolley and Aly Tricarico.

Among the producers we must mention Brittany Breen, Robin Keats, Hugh Hansen, Rick Silna and Rick Garrabrant. The music is written by Michel Mouracade. The editors are David Rubin and Carla Beth Smith.


All the attention in the new season of the serial is sentenced on Zack Bagans. He struggled with ghost for many years and now people want to ask him for a help. One day he decided to open a special “Ghost House”, in which all the paranormal activities will take place. And his dream to become an owner of museum come true. Each episode of the Deadly Possessions is full of mysterious and unexpected events.

To be honest, it is a little bit scared to see, how the people struggle with the ghosts, but they still invade in their lives.


If you didn’t scared about anything. That story will be interesting for you. But, if we are talking about the person, who will have the scare all the time after watching it, we must say, that it would be not so good idea.

Children aren’t allowed to see it, because they may have the problems with nervous system in future. The duration of each new episode is approximately 45 minutes and it is rather suitable for people of different kinds.

The Deadly Possessions 2 Season release date is the 17th of April in the year of 2016, so you can watch and enjoy it at any time. We can also name this, when we talk about the season premiere date.

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