Dead Silent Season 2

Dead Silent Season 2 Release Date


Dead Silent is a new documental TV series with crime and horror elements. The season premiere was in October this year, but now we want to present you the next new season, which will be really Interesting and exciting. The Dead Silent 2 Season release date is the 18th of December in the year of 2016, so now everybody can watch it and find the most fantastic episodes.


When we talk about the cast of Actors, here we must mention a lot of talented and experienced people. Among them you will see:

  • Matt Mercurio.
  • Alex Zuko.
  • Curtis Wyatt III.
  • Trudi Baudo.
  • Brian Cleckley.
  • Donnie Evans.
  • Malcolm Evans.

The director of the serial is Gustavo Tiburon. The producers are Tom Cappello, David Konschnik, Allison Troxell. The editor is Trey Cook.


The new season of the serial will present you a separate Story, where the blood-chilling true crime took place. Here all the events took place in isolated and remote location. The outdoors can be so relaxing and quiet, but they can ensure the cases of scary and truly dark.

In the center of attention, you will see the incidents on the campsite and also here secluded house with different attached legends will be presented. The isolated lakeside community will present you a lot of off-road adventures, which have not so big safe and a cozy forest getaway. All the people, who came to this place, turned deadly and nobody knows, what is the reason for it. This show will present the interviewers with criminal experts, survivors, and psychologists.


That serial will be the most delightful for extraordinary people and if you think, that you are a kind of this, you must watch the serial from the beginning. It is important to start from the first season because it will help you to estimate the plot and understand, that it is one of the most adorable ones.

As for the duration of each new episode, here you must know, that it lasts not so long. So, if you have an opportunity to watch it, you must do it and you will be the happiest person in the world. Your family will also estimate it.

We must name the accurate season air date when we describe the serial and the one or another season of it. 

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A Killer in the Swamp

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