Dead Set on Life Season 3

Dead Set on Life Season 3 Release Date


Dead Set on Life is a reality comedy TV series, which appeared on Viceland Channel. The season premiere was on October in the year of 2017. But we are ready to introduce the third season. The Dead Set on Life 3 Season release date is the 18th of December in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast to that exciting comedian serial, it is important to underline the next people:

  • Matty Matheson.
  • Rang Nguyen.
  • Ron Cantiveros.

The serial is directed by Paul Kell. The producers are Lauren Cynamon, Jason Ford, Spike Jonze, Paul Kell, Michael Kronish, Kathryn Liptrott, Bernardo Loyola, Patrick McGuire, Eddy Moretti, Daniel Morin, Jon Schouten, Shane Smith, Suzan Yum.


This TV comedy is concerned with travels and culinary. The Main character, who always amaze you, is a master chef of the famous restaurant and just a good guy by the name of Matty Matheson. In the past life he has the drug abuse and also he drinks a lot of alcohol, but with the help of experts, Matty started the new life and he likes it very much.

His lifestyle is extraordinary and you will see it from the first season, but he is a great master in the kitchen because there is no problem for him to cook a special dish. Also, we must mention, that now he is married and he has a handsome little son.

His personality is explosive and people, who know him very much, know, that he is a very unpredictable person. That`s why he tries to use this special feature of the character and each time he will present the new country and the new traditions, which appear here.

Traveling around Canada helps him to live the life fully and now he can say, that he is one of the most Interesting and charming people in the world.


In that serial, you will find a lot of entertaining information. If you like cooking and you think, that it will help you to be a better person, you will estimate this serial at all. Here a lot of Interesting dishes and meals will be presented, so in future, you will have a great opportunity to amaze your relatives and guests.

The new episode will be very Interesting for you and you will spend your time with pleasure.

When it is important to name the season air date, you may use the information from this article. 

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City Matty, Country Matty: DEAD SET ON LIFE (Trailer)

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