Dead Rising Season 1 Release Date

Dead Rising Season 1 Release Date


Dead Rising could get a progressing TV arrangement on Crackle network, uncovers Dead Rising: Endgame movie’s  star Jesse Metcalfe. According to his words, The zombie arrangement would be an ongoing thriller – think The Walking Dead meets 24. The video game franchise Dead Rising has officially roused two TV motion pictures – and a progressing arrangement could be next.

There is no an official statement about Dead Rising season 1 release date. If it happens, it will be no earlier than in the second half of 2017.


In Dead Rising season 1 episode 1 you may see such Actors – Jesse Metcalfe as Chase, Keegan Connor Tracy as Jordan, Jessica Harmon as Jill and Dennis Haysbert.


The scourge of awful motion pictures taking into account incredible computer games has been tormenting Hollywood for over 20 years, a year ago’s Crackle motion picture adjustment of Dead Rising did little to tip the equalization, however it was well sufficiently known to produce the inevitable continuation of the major protagonist’ s plot in the upcoming Dead Rising season 1 premiere.

Interesting Facts

  • Jesse Metcalfe – who played the journalist Chase Carter in 2015’s Dead Rising: Watchtower and Endgame – told Digital Spy that a full arrangement could be the following stride. “Perhaps there’ll be a third portion of the Dead Rising establishment,” – said Metcalfe, who repeats his part in new spin-off Endgame;
  • The Dead Rising games by Capcom have sold over 9.1 million copies around the world – and Metcalfe conceded that the low quality of some diversion adjustments made "everyone more decided" not to destroy this one;
  • The latest movie Dead Rising: Endgame debuted solely on Sony’s gushing system Crackle on Monday, on June 20, 2016;
  • The progressing TV arrangement is absolutely a choice, yet we as of now have a marginally shabby zombie arrangement that isn’t The Walking Dead and that is Z-Nation. For whatever length of time that Dead Rising takes an alternate way to deal with the fate and despair of other zombie appears, then there could be space for the lighter side of the zombie end of the world.

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Dead Rising: Watchtower – Exclusive to Crackle. Movie streaming March 27th

Dead Rising: Watchtower Official Trailer (2015) – Horror Movie HD

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